Coolant Test Kit


Product Description

Why do you need a coolant test kit?

Almost everyone recognises the need for regular oil and filter changes, but many people overlook cooling system maintenance and monitoring. However, around 50% of all engine downtime can be attributed to problems associated with the cooling system. The cooling system is critical to the efficient performance and long life of your equipment.

If undetected, problems in the cooling system can spread to the transmission and hydraulic systems, which are cooled by heat exchangers, and this can lead to a major failure of the engine.

The most effective and economical way to monitor your cooling system is coolant sampling via one of our cost-effective coolant test kits. Our fully managed testing and analysis service offer a simple, low-cost way to evaluate the chemistry of your coolant. We can check for any contaminants and monitor the condition of your cooling system. This ensures your engine runs when you need it to, and eliminates the need for any expensive, major repairs relating to the cooling system.


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