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Essential Oil Sample Test Kit


Product Description

Have you ever wanted to know actually what is going on within your vehicles engine oil ?

What car Oil for my car?

We don’t mean the basic physics/engineering of engine design, suck-bang-blow, but what’s going on in your particular engine.

Well actually, you can now find out.

  • The process is quite simple, with a warm but not boiling hot engine.
  • You place a thin nylon tube into the dipstick and suck up a small amount of oil into a syringe.
  • Once you have a syringe full of used back gold you carefully squirt it into a specimen bottle not dissimilar to that used by the medical profession (appropriately I suppose as this is a health check for your car) which holds the same volume as the syringe, seal it up and pop it in the post.
  • Your report comes back via email a week or so later detailing the findings.

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