Performance 3 Pack


Product Description

Designed for the classic or performance car owner.

As the motivating force behind your car, the engine deserves lots of respect and care;

  • If your car engine gives out, you are going…well, nowhere.
  • You could also be out a hefty chunk of cash, since engine repairs often involve complicated and time-consuming work by a mechanic/technician.
  • So, by analysing the oil in your engine is like sending a sample of your blood to the lab, it reveals an astonishing amount of information about the inner workings without invasive surgery.
  • Have a look at what we test for for
  • By reading the results of the analysis, you can fine-tune the intervals between oil changes and discover problems before they cause more expensive damage.

What’s in the box?

  1. Reusable pump year after year.
  2. 3 x Sample Kits
  3. Access to oil commander to view trends online

When you have used your three samples, you order three more using your discount code provided with your kit and as long as you look after the pump you will get many years of testing from it.


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